da Vinci Prostatectomy

The da Vinci Surgical System® is an FDA-approved technique for a performing a robotic-assisted prostatectomy. It combines robotics, computers and the surgeon’s skill to remove the prostate and spare the nerves responsible for erections.

The system consists of a computer console where the urologist sits, views the surgical field and operates remotely; a patient-side surgical cart equipped with interactive robotic arms, surgical instruments that fit on the robotic arms, and a 3-D imaging system.

How is the da Vinci prostatectomy performed?

It is performed in a hospital operating room.

The urologist sits across the room from the patient in front a computer console equipped with hand controls to manipulate the robotic arms. While watching the monitor that shows a magnified image of the prostate and surrounding area, the urologist begins to operate. The robotic arms copy the urologist’s movements, which can be micro-scaled to fractions of a millimeter for greater precision. If the urologist needs to change a surgical instrument on one of the robotic arms, the instrument is withdrawn by the urologist using the console’s controls. A highly-trained operating room staff assists.

What are benefits of the da Vinci prostatectomy?

Its cancer cure rates are equal to the open prostatectomy.
However, blood loss may be less, and patients may have a quicker recovery with the da Vinci prostatectomy.

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