Wave Therapy

Wave therapy is unlike any other treatment for erectile dysfunction (ED).

It targets the insufficient blood flow that causes erectile dysfunction. Simply stated, it “restores” blood flow that can improve a man’s sexual performance, and allows for more spontaneous and stronger erections.

But not all wave therapy and devices are alike. We use low-intensity shockwaves to repair and strengthen damaged blood vessels, and stimulate the growth of new ones. Our state-of-the-art machine is the same device studied and written about in the most up-to-date, peer-reviewed urology literature. This is the same technology urologists have used for decades to treat kidney stones. It is now configured to effectively treat ED.

Performed in our office, low-intensity shockwave therapy (LISWT) is painless. It requires no shots, injections or incisions. A professional, medical-grade device called a shock wave generator is used to administer treatment. This wand-like device is moved over sections of the penis and surrounding areas. As the device passes over targeted tissue, it produces gentle pulses or waves of energy that stimulate change in existing vessels, and help create new ones.

Treatment lasts about 20 minutes. Usually, six to eight sessions are needed, however, duration of treatment is tailored to the patient. It is non-invasive and delivered by our physicians, not a technician or nurse. Because our urologists are expert surgeons, wave therapy treatments are performed in an efficient and precise manner. Men can resume normal activities immediately after treatment.

Best candidates for wave therapy include men who currently take medication (pills) for their erectile dysfunction and those who no longer derive benefit from pills. Typically these are men whose ED has a vascular cause. Studies have found significant improvement in symptoms as early as two months after the last treatment.

Although low-intensity shockwave therapy isn’t approved by the FDA for erectile dysfunction, the science behind this technology has been cited in multiple studies over the years. It has been used in other medical specialties including orthopedics.

LISWT is not covered by insurance.

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