Tired of enlarged prostate meds? Steam may be your solution.

Men who no longer benefit from or who no longer want to take daily medication for an enlarged prostate may find relief from a new treatment available at South County Urological. 

It uses water vapor (steam heat) to reduce the excess prostate tissue blocking normal urine flow. Medically, the procedure is called water vapor therapy. We use the Rezum system. 

With Rezum, water vapor is delivered to the excess prostatic tissue in targeted and controlled bursts of treatment lasting nine seconds. The patient is sedated and receives multiple treatments in a single session. Heat from the steam gently vaporizes the extra prostatic tissue. Symptom relief is gradual. Most patients begin to experience symptom relief in as soon as two weeks. Maximum benefit is achieved within three months.

Rezum is also an alternative to traditional surgery for relieving the urinary symptoms of an enlarged prostate.

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