Cranberries help men with cystitis.

Cranberry capsules may ease the discomfort of cystitis in men undergoing external beam radiation therapy for prostate cancer. That’s what New Zealand researchers said of their study of 41 men with the disease. Men in the study randomly received either cranberry or placebo  capsules. The men took one capsule daily during treatment, and for two

Women with kidney stones more likely to develop CKD

An analysis of health data of approximately 5,900 individuals found that women with a history of kidney stones were 1.8 times more likely to develop  chronic kidney disease (CKD) and three times more likely to need dialysis than women who do not have a history of stones. Although men were also included in the study,

Heart attacks & testosterone supplements

The controversy over a possible link between testosterone products and an increased risk of stork and heart attacks continues to confound. Despite the publication of studies that find and do not find an increased risk of cardiovascular events with prescribed testosterone therapy, the FDA has not determined an association. However, the regulatory agency is reassessing

Enlarged prostate treatment going to the dogs?

A new treatment for enlarged prostates in dogs may actually help their human masters. A small study successfully treated 20 dogs having an enlarged prostate with a non-surgical treatment. Treatment was pulsed, electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF) given through a medical device held above the skin where the prostate is located. Therapy was given twice a

Citrus fruits offer protection against bladder cancer.

Eating more citrus fruits may reduce the risk of bladder cancer according to an analysis published by a Chinese researcher. The analysis, which examined the pooled data from 14 studies, found that people who consumed the most citrus fruit had 15% decreased risk of bladder cancer compared to those with the lowest intake. The analysis