Prostate Cancer Linked To Skin Cancer

Men with prostate cancer have increased risk for melanoma

Researchers from the National Cancer Institute and various universities have found that men with prostate cancer have a significantly increased risk for developing melanoma, a skin cancer that starts in the pigment-producing skin cells.

This conclusion was determined after a retrospective analysis of medical data involving more than 60,000 men. The researchers reviewed data from two studies dating back to the 1980’s and determined that men with prostate cancer were twice as likely to develop melanoma. However, men with melanoma were not at an increased risk of developing prostate cancer. Results were published online in the Journal of Clinical Oncology.

Researchers suspect that high levels of androgens may be the cause for the increased risk of melanoma in these men. Androgens are male reproductive system hormones. Prostate cancer is a recognized androgen-related cancer. Likewise, melanoma is suspected to be androgen dependent. More studies are needed.

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