Warning: Sitting May Be Hazardous To Your Health

Prolonged sitting linked to kidney disease You’ve heard it before: get up and get out. Now there’s another reason to leave the couch:  chronic kidney disease.   New research shows that sitting for long stretches (i.e. eight or more hours) increases the risk of chronic kidney disease, especially in women. Sedentary men are affected —

Have You Done Your Kegels Today?

Why pelvic-floor exercises are called ‘kegels’ There really was a Dr. Kegel… Kegel exercises are named after Dr. Arnold Kegel, an American gynecologist, who developed and popularized the exercise designed to strengthen the pelvic-floor muscles for better bladder control. But Kegels provide another benefit: they can result in better sex through stronger erections and orgasms.

Are You A Long-Distance Runner? Practice your Kegels!

Marathon runners may be at risk for incontinence. Shin splints and sore feet aren’t the only medical maladies that confront marathon runners. Bladder problems like urine leakage can also beset them. Consequently, researchers at Loyola University (Chicago) Health System will study the relationship between the endurance sport and pelvic-floor disorders, which includes urinary stress incontinence.

Oh Boy! To Circumcise Or Not.

Circumcision Health Benefits Outweigh Risks, Says Pediatrics Association. The American Academy of Pediatrics moved closer to an endorsement of circumcision in newborn boys. In its latest policy statement, published in the journal Pediatrics, the organization says: “The benefits of newborn male circumcision justify access to this procedure for those families who choose it, and it

Another Problem With Being Obese

Bigger Belt Size Can Mean More Severe Urinary Problems Men with large waists (i.e. 40 inches or more) are more likely have frequent urination and erectile dysfunction (ED) than their trimmer peers, says a report published in the British Journal of Urology International. The study is the first to show that obesity in men not