How Aging Affects Male Sex Hormones

MaleIs there a male menopause?

Although there is no consensus whether there is a male menopause, medical experts agree that as men age they experience diminished hormone production.  But don’t call it ‘manopause.’ There’s no dramatic drop in hormone production as with women going through ‘the change,’ and men can continue to father children as octogenarians.

The medical term for this gradual and natural decline of the male, sex hormone testosterone is ‘andropause.’  But unlike menopause in women, andropause in men occurs over many years, and its impact is subtle.

However, some men experience a significant decline in testosterone levels resulting in a diminished sex drive, decreased muscle mass, fatigue and moodiness.

A simple blood test can check testosterone level. If testosterone levels are low, testosterone replacement therapy may be prescribed to help relieve symptoms. There are potential risks and side effects.

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