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Cold weather & urination

Whizzing in winter. Why being cold makes you want to ‘go.’ Ever wonder why you have to pee when you’re cold? Although there’s no consensus on why this happens, one popular theory says that when your temperature drops, your body tries to reduce heat loss by constricting blood vessels and reducing blood flow to the

Weight & Prostate Cancer Survival

Obese men diagnosed with prostate cancer more likely to die from the disease A man’s weight could be a factor in whether he survives or dies from prostate cancer. A Kaiser Permanente study patients has found that men who are obese or overweight at the time of their prostate cancer diagnosis are more likely to

An Old Remedy As A New Chemo Drug?

Ipecac Syrup Shows Promise As A New Chemo Drug Ipecac syrup, an erstwhile staple found in many families’ medicine cabinets, shows promise as a new chemotherapy drug for bladder cancer, according to a study conducted by Loyola University Medical Center near Chicago. The study found that emetine dihydrochloride, an active ingredient in ipecac syrup, used

Skin Disease Associated With Kidney Disease

Psoriasis linked to chronic kidney disease As if the itchy scales weren’t enough…People moderate to severe psoriasis are also at increased risk of developing kidney disease (CKD). Those with severe psoriasis are almost twice as likely to develop CKD, and four-times more likely to develop kidney failure requiring dialysis than those without the chronic skin

Diet-induced ED may benefit from exercise

Sex & (Ahem…) Size Your lovemaking may be suffering if you’re a guy with sizable love handles. Obesity can affect a man’s sexual function.  It can interfere with blood flow and can cause the male hormone, testosterone, to plummet. Many blame our Western-style diet and its associated weight gain. Eastern Carolina University researchers put rats

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